Jewelry Repair

All jewelry needs some form of repair and maintenance to ensure its lasting qualities. Which is why, here at Luxury Custom Jewelry, we don’t limit ourselves to just crafting beautiful and unique pieces for our clients. Jewelry repairs have a wide range, from as simple as a clasp replacement for your necklace to as complex as a ring that has broken into pieces.

Ring Resizing

Ring resizing are common and needed for many reasons; gaining weight, losing weight, or simply buying the wrong size. Whatever your reason may be, an expert is needed to handle the resizing of the delicate metal. We are that expert seeing as we have been in business for over 30 years, providing our ring resizing services to countless happy clients over this period of time.

Prong Replacement and Prong Re-tipping

Prongs play a major part in the quality of your jewelry. Prongs naturally wear down through regular use. Which is why they need to be retipped and if the extent of the damage is deeper, replaced. Prongs are often the weakest part of jewelry despite having arguably the most crucial involvement in your jewelry; as they secure the diamond or colored stone.

Head Replacements

In its most basic form, head replacement are needed when all of the prongs on a ring have broken and worn down. In cases where multiple prongs are broken, it is recommended that you replace the head as opting for this will ensure that it’s fixed more securely as well as last longer.

Chain Soldering

Repairing chain requires a set of fundamental skills and techniques in order to master. Our team at Luxury Custom Jewelry has done just that, in order to bring our clients the best jewelry repair services Atlanta has to offer.

Clasp Replacements

It’s common for a jewelry clasp to break, and oftentimes this leaves your jewelry unwearable. Fortunately, clasp replacements work as a viable solution and that’s why Luxury Custom Jewelry offer them.

About our Fine Jewelry Repair Services in Atlanta

To extend the life of fine jewelry, regular maintenance, cleaning, and service is needed. Metal wears down over time, chains loosen and break, prongs get knocked into, all this and more happens to jewelry over its lifetime. To leave this damage untreated shortens the lifespan of said jewelry and can result in the loss of the diamond or colored stone attached. Luxury Custom Jewelry has the skills and experience required in order to undertake all sorts of repairs on your fine jewelry. Stop by at our location in Atlanta to get your jewelry examined.

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