Jewelry Cleaning

Cleaning your fine jewelry is an essential part of owning it, and this is especially true for pieces that are subjected to regular wear. This includes wedding rings, engagement rings, family heirlooms, and any type of jewelry pieces that are, more or less, a part of your daily life. Jewelry spends an immense amount of time on you, and the hours between the moment you slip your ring on to the moment when you take it off are long. The activities that take place in between these hours are strenuous on your jewelry.

Why should you have your jewelry cleaned?

All this exposition can leave your jewelry looking dull, and in some cases, even damage it. Getting into the routine of maintaining the health of jewelry can as a preventative treatment for damage.

What our services can do for your jewelry?

Prior to the actual cleaning process, Luxury Custom Jewelry evaluates your jewelry in order to assess any damage that it may have. This includes an evaluation of the prongs, which are an essential part of your jewelry, holding the actual diamond or color stone itself in place and preventing it from falling off or getting lost. Prong re-tipping or replacements may be recommended in order to keep prongs healthy, and ensure their endurance lasts against that their put up against.

Specific jewels must be cleaned using specific techniques, equipment, and methods. Luxury Custom Jewelry has been in business for over 30 years, constantly updating our knowledge of industry leading practices in order to provide the best service available to our clients. If you’re looking for a jewelry cleaning, stop by our location in Atlanta.