Atlanta Custom Jewelry

Making custom jewelry is the ideal method to make your jewelry yours, by putting a personal touch to stand out or to give a gift from the heart we guarantee 100% satisfaction because we have decades of experience in providing outstanding customer support and provide the highest quality of custom jewelry. There are numerous approaches to altering and customizing your jewelry, from a small tweak to a one of a kind piece, understanding how the process and design will enable you to pick the best custom piece for you.


With many types of rings to choose from rings are the most customized pieces of jewelry – with class rings, family or mother rings the potential to customize or create from scratch in limitless.

Ways to customize rings include:

Selecting special metals, for example, rose gold or hued titanium.
Deciding on gems like turquoise, opal, or alexandrite rather than progressively normal rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or diamonds.
Engraving either the interior or exterior of the ring.
Adding accent stones to solitaire rings.
Choosing an unusual stone shape such as an Asscher or trilliant.
Using birthstones for additional layers of symbolism.

Choosing a combination set that reflects you and your gemstones in a unique way is important.

In the event that you structure your ring from scratch, you will have more control over your ring design. Prior to starting, make sure to know what types of designs and styles may look best on the ring’s intended finger to be sure the result is appropriate.


When it comes to necklaces/chains it is important to have an experienced jeweler on your side for the best outcome we at river jewels offer various customizations to bring together your chain or necklace to life.

Some designs and styles to consider:

Mix-and-matching the chain with a pendant for different colors or styles.
Adjusting the length of the chain to best suit the wearer.
Layering contrasting necklaces for a richer textural look.
Combining different styles of small chains into a larger long chain with different textures.
Use an unusual object as a pendant, such as a ring that no longer fits.
Crafting custom pendants to add to your necklace


With bracelets, you can get creative and reflect who you are or give a luxurious and elegant feel to your custom bracelet.

Here is some way to customize:

Combine too-small bracelets into a larger bracelet or to use as an anklet.
Turn a plain bracelet into a charm bracelet with small hooks or clasps.
Reset gems in a diamond tennis bracelet to create a unique diamond and gemstone pattern.
Braid long bracelets together to create a thicker, customized look.
Add custom charms


With earring it important to keep comfortable in mind and clever styles.

Here are some ideas:

Add diamonds and gems
Layer hook earrings by sliding a second hook earring into the loop of the first hearing.
Wear coordinating but different earrings in each ear, particularly if you wear an off-centered hairstyle.
Attach small charms or pendants to hoop earrings.
Pierce your ear more than once to be able to wear simple studs or gems that coordinate with more elaborate earrings in the same ear.

Why Buy Custom Jewelry?

Adventuring into any jewelry store and you will discover a huge selection of jewelry, with a few pieces that offer some sort of tweaks. With such a significant number of designs available, why try custom jewelry? Custom jewelry aren’t just unique to fit your style they also make great personal gifts, by creating custom jewelry with one in mind you will make that jewelry personal. That makes it perfect to celebrate an engagement, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions so he or she can remember you forever. By making a custom piece, you guarantee that it coordinates with your feeling of style, design, flow and the allure of a custom ring, necklace, or other jewelry will not fade as more people pick up on trends or particularly hot designs making you one of a kind. You can also take trending items and give it your personal touch.